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Koushiro Izumi
13 January 2008 @ 04:31 am
This town just continues to amaze me with it's eccentricity. All these goings on, I do wonder how people are just able to enjoy living in all honesty.

Positive note however, I have procured enough expenses for an laptop--it is not in such good form as my old Pi-book, but it'll do for now once I make the necessary modifications to it.

School is quite unusual, but the sudden diminish in classmates is by far the most normal aspect.

...How odd, that I can consider mass-disappearance normal...
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Koushiro Izumi
03 December 2007 @ 02:03 am
Well, it's started snowing here, and I must admit, I can't help but think of that wayward summer where our adventures first began. Though, snow is so much better with shelter from it sometimes--my lodgings are proving to be very...um, cozy at the moment but they'll do. Don't worry Taichi-san, I'm prepared to move in, if you ever have a...man-pad

The news of the murders, they seem to be dying down slightly, even though, I'm not familiar with the victims, I do hold out hope that somehow, they'll appear alive and well, but...I know those are just wishful thoughts...

...On an odd side note, the professors here are slightly...strange. I do wonder if it may have to do with his name...hmm...
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Koushiro Izumi
11 November 2007 @ 04:12 am
That I am rather lost.

Someone, anyone, can they possibly point me to the right direction for some lodging? I may not have much on me right now, but I don't mind working to pay my tab.

Something else to note, the computers here are not so bad, they're rather satisfactory--not as good as my P-book, but still.

Taichi, Takeru, Hikari?

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